Late 80's I was working for the B-52's in Woodstock NY, specifically Kate Pierson, building some creative adirondack type stuff and renovating Kate's new 2nd home there, and she kindly invited me and my 3yr old son Justin to Thanksgiving with the band and friends at this same Log cabin she had recently bought, on the Lake you see in the 'Channel Z' video.The Thanksgiving holiday was during recording of 'Cosmic Thing' album at Bearsville/Dreamland Studios in the Woodstock area.

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Both "Roam" and "(Shake Your) Cosmic Thing" went to #3 - "Love Shack" to #1.

Love Shack was the band's biggest hit song and first million-copy seller.

They sonically captured the bubbling bliss of the moment very well huh? I had a brief but good soul connection with Keith, who is a very decent sensitive really creative spiritual guy.

Kate with her fondness for nature and Native American traditions became a friend beyond a client then and was always kindly to me.

Named as one of the 365 Songs of the Century in 2001, the video for the song received an award from MTV as the Best Group Video, and was named the Best Single of 1989 by Rolling Stone.

Additionally, it was ranked #243 in Rolling Stone's list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.I want to go down as claiming, as Ru Paul has himself claimed, that he -was- in fact in the video to this song, the B-52's "Love Shack".Ru Paul had an afro style hair in this video and can be seen at three of these times 2 minutes 4 seconds, 2 minutes 25 seconds, 4 minutes 10 minutes.The psychic told her "If you use This one (Don Was) ANND This One - you will have a Hit album. She said she was shocked, "We are Family- Le Freak- Good Times-Disco Nile? Why, she only put his name there as padding, a decoy with many other names she had no intention of ever really using as a producer, and now this.She decided to flow with the universe and take the cosmic advice for "Cosmic Thing" and it went multi-platinum.I returned indoors shirtless and the roar continued as a puddle quickly formed around me -all like fearless -heroic-absurdly duty faced diligent soldier assho. Thru all the chortling Kate said - "It stopped Jay! The Woodstock cabin seemed to become Kates new Love shack 2 up north near Woodstock NY.