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Here are a few female fetishes your pea brain probably had no idea she had, and what to do about them.

It's common, Wikipedia-able knowledge that women experience sexuality in a much more fluid way than most men do, so it's no secret that many (up to 43 percent) of women are turned on by the idea of a threesome with another chick. However, a lesser-talked about and much more taboo fantasy many women have is group sex with a bunch of dudes.

According to our recent 2016 sex survey, 41 percent of women's dream threesome is with two males (MMF), and women are 80 percent more likely to watch gangbang porn than men are for the sheer reason that when it comes to dick, the more, the merrier.

Females are also, in general, much more likely to search for threesome and group sex porn; 75 percent more often in fact.

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Is it legal to hire a dominatrix as long as you don't actually have sex? Q: Paying for sex is illegal in most of America, but what about paying for fetish services?

And what does it mean exactly when a woman happily partnered with a longtime boyfriend suddenly starts longing for a lady lover? Can you legally hire a dominatrix or escort for any of the countless things besides intercourse? A: If you have a hankering to strap on a codpiece and pay a woman for the privilege of scrubbing her floors while she drips hot wax on your back, the legal line is drawn at the border of the state or country in which you live.

If you live in the United Kingdom, you can scrub away. Even within states, laws can vary from town to town, says Susan Wright, spokesperson for the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom. Often, she says, “it depends on how the district attorney wants to interpret the prostitution laws and how they define sexual conduct.” Some states are so specific they make sex read like an instruction manual for assembling an IKEA bookcase. Generally, if money is changing hands and somebody is inserting anything into anybody else or touching genitals, it’s probably against the law.

Formula One president Max Mosley may have been embarrassed when , but he wasn’t doing anything illegal by paying them for a stern scolding and a little spank. Beyond that, though, you have to research the laws where you live.

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