While this might be charming when you start dating him (who doesn't want a man who can't bear to be away from you) it could also be suffocating and unpleasant.

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More than likely, she’ll be happy to hear about life in your country and the culture, although it’s always important to let her talk too – which leads us to our next point. Like any woman, Chinese women especially like to be heard, understood, and have a man be genuinely interested in her life, thoughts, and feelings.

Rest assured, Chinese women know how beautiful they are, and are likely hit on all the time – so save the cheesy lines.

Do you wish you were able to pick up the girl of your dreams but just can’t think of what to say to her?

Maybe you have plenty of things to say, but you just can’t find the confidence to approach her to actually say it.

You might feel as though you will make a fool of yourself and fear that she will reject you; or even worse laugh at you and tell her mates about you.

If this describes how you feel about girls then you are not alone. It can be an incredibly frustrating experience seeing the girl you fancy being chatted up by other guys.

Because meeting the family and getting their approval is such a big thing in China, this means more than likely that your Chinese date or girlfriend will want to “remain friends” for at least a few dates, or even months.

This doesn’t mean she’s likely to “cheat” on you or look elsewhere, but rather, that she’s working towards maintaining a positive reputation, and wants to ensure you are who you say you are and will do what you promise or claim – the last thing she wants is to look like if a fool if you up and leave, or worse, cheat on her. China is very big on fashion, and Chinese women are very classy.

He's different around different people Because he desperately wants to fit in and be accepted by everyone in his life, he changes his personality depending on who he's with.