If your partner being faithful is a big concern, a long distance relationship is going to be that much harder. Related to the idea of reconnecting, it’s important to consider if going for a long distance relationship could do more harm than good. Will you be resentful of all the time you have to spend staying in touch?

Prioritize healthy peer relationships to help your teen feel valued and connected through the transition into high school.

You can’t make these connections for your teen or force her to make them.

Sometimes you just have to do your own thing, and focus on yourself for a while.

Then, you can come back to a relationship that’s stronger and more solid. Trust is big in any relationship, but especially in long distance ones.

If trying to stay in a relationship is actually going to ruin your relationship, then having something long distance is completely counter productive.

If you really care about the person you’re being separated from, and can see yourself with them long term, then it’s probably worth giving a long distance relationship a shot.

Early academic planning is critical to helping students achieve long-term success by aligning their interests with their chosen path.

Naviance keeps students focused on their objectives by helping students, families, and staff create course plans that not only match students’ interests but also fulfill graduation requirements and align to postsecondary goals.

What are your fears about the transition into high school? Also, developmentally your teen is creating a social identity that will dictate and shape the way he or she operates in the world.