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Technology continues to develop at a pace that shows no sign of slowing anytime soon.

After all, the touch screen technology available to users at this point in time was unlike anything used by devices released prior to this date.

To summarise, as a field that is built around families dedicating resources of time and money to the purchase and use of tech-based AAC with children on the autism spectrum, we can do better.

This provided us with evidence that such dedicated devices could potentially be suitable alternative communication tools for autistic children.

However, the landscape of technology began to change in July 2008 with the opening of the Apple App store with the modest number of 552 apps being made available for download.

This leads us to an issue that is becoming painfully noticeable in AAC research.

Though tech-based communication options in both dedicated device and app form are becoming increasingly popular, the research cited to indicate their effectiveness is often outdated.

As of 2013, 1 million apps were available through the apple store and figures from September 2016 indicate that over 140 billion have been downloaded onto apple devices.