Yet feminist porn isn't necessarily female-on-female – the Crash Pad's site promises "dyke porn, lesbians, femme on femme, boi, stud, genderqueer and trans-masculine performers," among others.Houston doesn't assume straight men watch her work, "but if they want to they can."Feminist pornographers agree they want to show real, diverse people having real sex and real orgasms, given that most pornography is not made with women in mind.

While Houston and Aja adjust lighting on set, Luxe and Torn change into wardrobe.

As Omarion's "Post to Be" plays from a computer, Luxe emerges from the bathroom in a T-shirt, skirt, black floral stockings and Doc Martens oxfords.

She wears her hair in an afro, and a silver ring bisects her lower lip.

Behind her, a bookcase holds volumes like Man as Object: Reversing the Gaze, The Feminist Porn Book, and Hard Core: Power, Pleasure and the "Frenzy of the Visible." There's also a copy of Lee's first book, Coming Out Like a Porn Star, which was released in October, 2015.

Houston plays "the keymaster," deciding which lucky nymphos get access, then filming their unscripted encounters.

Fans can already find over 200 20-minute episodes online, showing porn stars of all levels of experience.

"I know, this is my rainy-day porn-shoot outfit," Luxe says.

She's just going to take it off anyway, she adds, taking a seat next to Torn.

Houston, who founded Pink & White in 2005, and Lee are the only two full-time staff members.