There are numerous places to sit and it will hold several hundred patrons at one time. Aged for six months in an oak barrel, this dark bittersweet beer has an alcohol content of 11.8%.Be sure to pace yourself or fill your stomach with specialties such as larded roast beef in sour cream with white bread dumplings.

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This long-established pub is located on the tourist route at Nerudova.

Three excellent beers on draught with the rarely seen Bernard beer headlining over Budvar and Pilsner Urquell.

The restaurant’s extensive beer list boasts some fairly unorthodox flavours such as coffee and champagne. The front facade of the 12th-century building has an old, highly decorated clock above its door.

Czech lager at just 28 CZK for 0.5l is great value. Pivovarský Klub (“The Brewery Club” similar to Pivovarský Dům, mentioned above) offers the broadest range of Czech micro-brews in Prague, in a blond wood modern restaurant close to Florenc Metro station. U Fleku is more expensive than other places, but you are drinking special dark beer brewed on the premises of the oldest Czech brewery in Prague while enjoying live music and chatting with tourists from all over the world.

The pubs in Prague aren’t consistent in their quality all the time, although new technology is assisting the body and the flavour.

Lots of beer halls are now equipped with tanks which let them serve beers that have fuller flavours because they haven’t been pasteurized (i.e.

And once you choose from the recommended places listed below and order your first pint and start drinking, don’t be surprised that your glass is replenished even without asking. Another tradition is sharing a table – it’s not unusual if someone asks you if they can share a table with you, and of course you are expected say yes.

This is quite an old drinking hall with cool beer prices, just 36 CZK for 0.5l for the frothy Pilsner Urquell lager.

When Bill Clinton visited the Czech Republic Vaclav Havel showed him this pub – to see a real Czech Pub.