Cyber Bullying and Cyber Harassment are very closely related.They are online versions of an aggressive and unwanted behavior that thrives on its intimidation of a victim.If you are a victim of cyber-stalking, cyber-bullying or cyber-harassment please contact us today for help.

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It is a virtual version of emotional and mental assault wherein the abuser harms a victim by repeating unwanted and damaging disruptions into the life of an individual online.

Cyber-stalkers can be characterized in their behaviors toward their victims by malice, intimidation, obsession, vendetta, or no real purpose in continuing the behaviors.

Cyber-stalkers crave power over a victim and will use anything they can to support their motivations.

They may attempt to surreptitiously gather private and personal information to exploit about the victim by contacting their victim's friends, family and work colleagues, or running background checks and hiring private detectives.

Yet one commissioner has used his government-paid cellphone to call such numbers at least 240 times since August 2011, according to phone records. Johnson, who represents a district in Columbia Heights, spent more than 158 hours — nearly a week — on the “D. Because the additional charges were nominal, the situation regarding possible sanctions is “nuanced,” Simon said.

The person who answered that number last week acknowledged he knew Johnson but declined to identify himself. Johnson also used the ANC phone for about three hours for more than a dozen calls to Pete Ross, a D. businessman who ran unsuccessfully for shadow senator this year. Use of the phone for political purposes would also be an illicit use of government resources, under city laws. Johnson said he often calls the chat lines while driving home from a nightclub he co-owns in Baltimore.

Cyber-stalkers will also recruit, or by default of their actions, create a diversionary or supportive mob of third party abusers.

The instigators are often seen washing their hands and allowing these manipulated mobs to do their dirty work so they can claim lack of responsibility.

When this behavior occurs between adults it is more commonly referred to as cyber-harassment.

In adult cases, cyber-bullying and harassment are punishable as crimes.

They will also ignore or ridicule formal warnings to cease and desist in their harassment tactics.