You get double the hate from the straight and gay community.For example; I can experience all the homophobia and sexualisation from straight people (particularly men) yet at the same time you do not have the support of the gay and lesbian community because they mistrust you – bisexual men are discredited as closet gays and bisexual women, like me, are described as straight girls trying out the latest queer fashion.I think they’re expecting me to “end up” with a man and would be pretty shocked if I did spend most of my life with a woman despite me warning them that this may be a possibility.

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However, I’m not sure polygamy in the sense of having multiple emotional more long term attachments with several people is for me just because it sounds bloody exhausting.

But I do believe that if I were to ever get married or settle down, a sexually open relationship would be key to keeping the spark alive and that does not mean you love the person any less.

Also, I find a lot of lesbian and gay people talk about how they always knew they were gay or realised at a young age.

I didn’t, I honestly never thought I was bisexual, I just assumed I was heterosexual then I slowly started to feel like I didn’t just want to just drunkenly kiss women too, I also wanted to have sex and relationships with them.

I do think my bisexuality has influenced my views on this because naturally I’m very critical of the heterosexual social order anyway but I also don’t like the assumption that I want all my relationships to be open and I want threesomes all the time.

Those kind of relationships only work with some people some of the time and just because I’m bisexual it shouldn’t mean otherwise.

I went to a gay bar in New York and the bouncer asked my group which one of us was queer, I said I was and he took one look at me and laughed and said “no you’re not”.

I have also had a lot of experience with gay people ignoring the struggles of bisexual people.

I have had several conversations with lesbians who stress they would never date a bi girl because of this view.

I find this issue particularly prevalent for me because I am femme.

But whilst there are massive benefits to being bisexual there are also a whole host of prejudices that come with it.