Children and teens don't realize that the internet, such a big part of their daily life, can become a dangerous part of their lives.

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Some young victims will end up working in the sex trade for the person they once communicated with on the internet.

Traffickers will find a way to meet up with a young person and, shortly after, force them into their sex trafficking ring.

Teens become an "open book" to predators searching for them at the easiest time to become their new "best friend." Predators know that helping a teen talk through a crisis of love, relationships and sex creates an incredibly strong bond of closeness.

Predators pretend to be going through the same kinds of crises and provide the teens opportunities to talk each other through them. Lieberman explains that people get extremely close with others when they go through shared crises together.

According to a Nielsen Report , "57% of teen social networkers say they looked to their online social network for advice." Young people are doing more than chatting with friends or looking up resources for school; many of them find themselves accepting friend requests or chat invitations from people they do not know.

Alicia Kozakiewicz was abducted by an online predator in 2002. When her parents called her down for dessert, she was nowhere to be found.

Predators understand this "shared crisis" approach all too well, and use it against unsuspecting young teens online.

Unfortunately, in today's world it is not possible to fully trust someone you have never met in person, and there will always be the strong desire to meet someone with whom you have become "close." The desire to meet is the ultimate goal predators are banking on to abduct victims.

All an adult predator needs to do is create a profile on Facebook or My Space, use a picture of a teen (boy or girl) and start chatting or friending other teens.

"40% of teens say they reply to people they don't know on the internet," according to Teen Research Unlimited.

This instant closeness and trust can happen by doing something as simple as going to an extremely scary movie together.