the Penn State receiving corps, The Next Idaho, Buffalo, C-USA's TV deal, Notre Dame's PR efforts, and the giant ass end of the MAC. What does a college football guy do at the Sloan Conference? How high can Frank WBill and Godfrey discuss Ole Miss' rule-breaking in past, present and future tenses, debate 2017's personality, weigh new Conference USA hires, and read listener comments regarding weeknight games and Louisiana rivalries.Is Alabama-Florida State the biggest Week 1 game ever? Bill and Godfrey revisit Godfrey's bold 2016 preseason predictions, from "Willie Taggart, power conference head coach," to "unexpected Heisman winner," to "3-win Kansas." Also: UAB FOOTBALL IS BACK! Bill and Godfrey chat about BILL'S NEW BOOK, Erk Russell as fictional character, school names and state politics, Georgia's bounce back potential, and the hypothetically perfect hypothetical candidate to hypothetically replace Jim Mora at UCLA. Ohhhhhh, the technical diffi It's *officially* time to flip the calendar to 2017 now that Bill and Godfrey have discussed the greatest and most awful games of the 2016 college football season.

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Also: The fun-to-analyze Big Ten title game, Mike Gundy's quarter-title, and the state of Boise.

Everything changed and nothing changed in college football's Week 11 action. Bill and Godfrey are here for your post-election distraction!

College football's 2017 Labor Day weekend smorgasbord, the stat that might change everything for coaches, Steve Spurrier alternate history scenarios, archaic offenses, COMBAT ORCA HIGHLIGHTS, and about 40 different schools discussed. Bill and Godfrey talk about South Carolina in the ACC, moving on after PJ Fleck, the MAC needing a dose of WWE, UNLV and the NFL, Miami really, really needing to beat Florida State, and Texas in the 2000s.

Bill and Godfrey FINALLY tackle the Boston College question on everybody's mind.

Your college football Week 6 recap and ratings update: Michigan State is good again! Oklahoma State and TCU are the same, it's okay to talk yourself into Auburn, Miami and UCF look fantastic, and Georgia Southern might be bottoming out. Plus: Georgia looked awfully Bama-like last week, JIMBO TO LSU FOR REAL THIS TIME, protecting injury information with your life, and ...

okay, NOW is Brent Venables going to take a head coaching job? Let's talk Clemson-Louisville, LSU-Mississippi State, Texas-USC, the real Oregon, flexbone QBs for Heisman, and the rule proposal that makes hypocrites of us all.

What cord cutting option is best heading into 2017?

And what are missing about this extremely normal-looking QB draf Hugh Freeze didn't exactly disprove the "The louder you scream about being pious, the more you've got something to hide" theory in Oxford.

Bill and Godfrey fight through spectacular technical difficulties to talk about National Signing Day behind the scenes, a December signing date, and 2017 recruiting narratives -- Texas is doomed! Also: on-brand emails, invisible Georgia, the definition of "rivalry," and Kentucky logi Bill and Godfrey talk about failed pitches, the battle between fit and making splashes (using Auburn and Penn State as examples), the Mountain West's branding problems, Hawaii's future and potential creativity, and the new Pac-12 schedule.

Bill and Godfrey discuss Clemson's national title game win over Alabama and its repercussions for both schools.

What do Auburn and LSU need to play like legitimate top-five teams?