There are steamy versions of the Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, hangman, truth or dare, charades and what might well have been cadavre exquis.

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Some would much rather put on a show in which they always dictate what happens next. Shoving things up my vjayjay all the time ain’t my thang.” Instead, she encourages viewers of her public stream to tip her, promising to strip once a certain number of tips has been reached.

The variety of activities offered by performers who prefer the live auction model is varied as it is wonderful.

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Performing on web cams is considered by many to be one of the safest forms of sex work.

As a cam performer, you stand to make a fair amount of money for little initial investment, you get set your own hours, you have access to an international audience, and you never need to meet anybody in person.

She’s the latest target in a debate among cam performers about the acceptability of these shows that in recent years has become increasingly public — and increasingly violent.

By all accounts, the first casualty was lilsecrett.* In February, one of the most vocal performers in the anti-public show camp got in touch with the Canadian Broadcast Corporation, which covers the Ontario city where lilsecrett lives, and told them about a young woman who was doing naughty cam shows in local area libraries.

The other few days I was reduced to dry ryvita and things like that.