Moscow is the country’s acknowledged financial and economic centre.

This guide will give you tips on how to find jobs in Moscow and St.

Petersburg, what the employment field is like, how to get Russian work permits and where to find jobs in Russia for English speakers.

Non-CIS residents can apply for two permits - a standard work permit that is available for any salary level and permits for "Highly Skilled Specialists." The latter allows you to apply for the permit in your home country, takes less time and is valid for three years.

However, to qualify, you need to have a minimum of 2 million R. If working in an educational institution, the salary requirement is 1 million per year.

Petersburg, and how to get them, read this article.

Depending on your experience and background, finding jobs in Russia for foreigners might not be easy.As a centre of politics and culture, Moscow is also a playground for experienced translators.Significant segments of the people working in Moscow are in the manufacturing sector such as food processing, oil refining and electronics.A contract of employment is always writing and made in two copies signed by both parties.The contracts should be both in Russian and English to be accepted by the Russian court.Russian Labour Code states that there are three main types of employment contracts: For more information about work permits and visas for Russia, take a look at our comprehensive guide about how to get a work permit in Moscow.