It covers subjects such as models, behaviours, testing and integration with other projects.

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Had to ditch the whole wicket ajax handling and do it in j Query instead (was basically just taking an input field and doing a calculation that should be rendered in another label).

Because of license issues all classes in that package have been removed and open-json ( is used as new dependency.

is getting called because a validator on the field you're adding the ajax behavior to is failing.

For instance, if the field is required, and you delete all characters from it, it has an invalid input, so Wicket prevents it from getting to the model object. If it is a search result you're updating, you might be interested in clearing the results and showing an error (use Whats even more annoying is that since the model validation fails, the model object is not updated.

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Here are the most recent headlines: Learn building web applications with Wicket from scratch reading its 200 page user guide.

The guide gradually introduces you to the various features of the framework with many real-world examples.

It will get fired even when copying/pasting in the text field.

See the following link for more information: Using the oninput event handler with onkeyup/onkeydown as its fallback.

The experimental integration for Atmosphere has been removed because of stability issues. Wicket Function and org.apache.wicket.model.lambda. At the call site there is nothing specific to be done, i.e.