There seems to be some interest in the old interrogation stories that appeared (and still appear) on the web, as well as the old men’s adventure mags.In an earlier posting I broached the subject of perhaps starting some kind of group for posting interrogation stories.

It's a real shame there isn't anything similar around, as personally I find interrogation themed stories to be the most interesting.

One of the stories I posted, Into Hell, is on RPP, along with a few others I've written.

Stay well all Long term lurker inspired to post by the discussions of the Interrogation Scenes group.

This was one of my all time favourite sites, and I posted a few stories there.

Of course this decision would rest solely with Ralphus.

Against it is that in the “mission statement” it states “This forum is devoted to discussion of extreme bondage VIDEO…” (my emphasis).

For it is that there are already precedents (Eda’s stories, Cannon’s dollhouse).

Also I don’t know how much more work this might create for our peerless leader but as I said up top I would help to the best of my ability.

Yik Yakker wrote: Congratulations on getting burned at the stake!

(Geez, how often does one get to say that with a straight face). As a producer I was incredibly worried about everything turning out well, getting the shots we need for the effects, the threat of rain.

We've had several fans download our movies from countries in which this content is supposedly off-limits.