The Mysteries of Laura is an American police procedural comedy-drama television series that premiered on September 17, 2014.It was developed by Jeff Rake, who also serves as an executive producer.Life changes in an instant for young Mia Hall after a car accident puts her in a coma.

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Don't get me wrong, it's a very funny movie, but it's more of the type that makes you smile, grin, or giggle.

Can't go without mentioning the soundtrack either, its phenomenal and every song goes with its moment. The only way I could see someone disliking the film is if they are not into rom-coms or high school movies, but if you are then why are you even watching it in the first place?

After he finally signs them, Laura re-enters the dating world, and after a rough start, soon finds herself attracted to Tony Abbott, a chef and Food-Truck owner who she encounters on a case, but he soon makes excuses to see her.

At the end of the first season, Broderick was shot and grievously wounded during a convenience store robbery.

Rather than transfer to another precinct, Broderick voluntarily takes a demotion to Senior Detective and partners with Laura, while Detective Billy Soto teams up with Detective Meredith Bose, with whom he has begun a relationship.

Bose's previous partner, Frankie Pulaski, appeared only in season one with the only explanation given for her departure being that she wasn't "senior enough" to stay in the position she'd accepted.It's a shame this film didn't get a bigger release in theaters because Dylan O' Brien and Britt Robertson are both terrific.They make the two characters blend so well together it's hard not to root for them to wind up together.As the weekend begins, the new friends start to hang out, as well as discuss their relationship... Dave becomes more and more interested in Aubrey, and she reciprocates.Even though she is involved with Roni (her soon to be ex), she has trouble denying her true feelings for Dave.Let’s take a look at our fast facts on Kristen Bauguess for a look at who she is, her recent drug possession charges, her aliases, and more!