We're still not coping well, and you probably aren't either -- feelings of confusion, repulsion, and bouts of hysterical laughter mixed with tears is totally normal right now.But the news just keeps pouring in, so we just have to take it as it comes.

Don't call my f**king man a f**king paedophile." As the confrontation continued, Amber's fiancé Matt, and Farrah's dad Michael both came on stage, with the two men themselves getting into a physical altercation, before security intervened to calm things down.

Rapper Mystikal was sentenced Thursday by a district court judge in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to a six-year prison term for sexual battery for attacking his former hairstylist.

The state did not bring the tape up to the judge; he asked to see the tape before sentencing." Though he is convinced he could have withdrawn Mystikal's guilty plea and started a new trial, Bourdin said he decided not to do so because the charges against his client would have been escalated back to aggravated rape.

Judge Marabella read Mystikal's sentence on Thursday with disdain.

Mystikal had originally been charged with aggravated rape and extortion on July 18, 2002, after police arrested him and two bodyguards for threatening to turn his former hairstylist in to police for cashing $80,000 worth of unauthorized checks from the rapper's bank account if she did not have oral sex with them (see "Mystikal Charged With Rape, Extortion").

In Louisiana, aggravated rape carries a mandatory sentence of life without probation.

Vercy Carter will spend up to four years in jail and Leland Ellis will remain in prison for up to three years.

Yesterday, we heard the strange, sad news that Amber Portwood is in talks to make a sex tape with her gross boyfriend, Matt Baier.

Like Bourdin, she sought to keep the videotape out of the courtroom, but for a different reason.

"Our goal was to save our client's dignity, and if we could avoid that particular tape being made public and still get justice, that was the goal," Bernie said.

Judge Anthony Marabella also required Mystikal (real name Michael Tyler) to register with the state as a sex offender.