Other bike boxes can have nifty, in built storage techniques.

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Plus, those big hills are ideal for putting some fitness in your legs.

Many cyclists like to take their own bike with them when they go abroad – rather than hiring a bike on holiday. There are two options really; you can fly your bike in either a box or a bag.

It’s a softshell but has some structural implants that should keep your bike safe through the worst of it.

Buy now at Sigma Sport for £247.50 (or check out the version with a bike assembly stand at Tredz for £449.99) We’ve not had the CRC Pro Bike Bag in for review but for its minimal price it looks good.

According to Chain Reaction, only pedals, bars and wheels need to be removed for the bike to fit and it comes with a Shock Blocking System which features Crush Protection inserts.

Buy now: Chain Reaction Cycles Pro Bike Bag for £184.99 Chances are you ride a 56cm bike frame, or smaller, with a standard seat post and handlebars, in which case you should be golden with a standard bike bag or case.Read more: Velo Vault bike box review We really quite liked the Velo Vault bike box when we had it in for test.It’s big and sturdy, but weighing in at 11means it should sneak under most airline weight controls. The clasps are quality, it’s easy to close and it rolls great.Riding abroad can do absolute wonders for a cyclist’s soul.Good weather, premium quality roads and minimal traffic are all great…Packing the bike into the bag or box sometimes takes quite a bit more effort than expected.