They can vibe on the same wavelength without speaking to one another which makes them feel close.

According to Linda Goodman, at sunset is when the Libra man is most inclined to feel his deepest towards his Aquarian.

If you join him while he is resting bring your voice down, talk about positive things, and stay as calm as you possibly can.

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She loves his beautiful dimpled Libran smile that heals her, and he knows that no one on Earth would ever be able to love him for all his flaws the way that she does.

They are both very clever and enjoy playing practical jokes on one another, there is rarely a dull moment around these two.

This woman is all over the place when it comes to this relationship.

They are a match made straight out of Air Sign heaven, but she will always change her mind about where they should be in their relationship.

One day she will want to marry him, the next she will want to just live with him until they are financially stable and they both finish school, the next day she will wonder what it would like to be single again.

Regardless of her sometimes confusing mind changes, these two make up for it every time.However, she can use her strategy and her ability to be politically correct at times to her advantage. This will make it much easier to direct the Aquarius man and demand favours.She can surely expect him to fetch her a present that she may have subtly suggested him on Christmas.The Libra woman should be careful when she tries to mould the relationship to her advantage.It is like lighting a matchstick - apply too much pressure and it breaks! " — a text you probably got, like, four times this morning already. If someone does one thing to piss you off, that's it, they're canceled. How You'll Meet Your Soul Mate: They've been in love with you forever, and one night, you stay up late having an extremely tight and incredibly woke conversation, and it hits you that this is probably your soul mate (at least till they double-text you and piss you off).