However, Nicole and Corey are playing much more coy on this front.

These two have met some of one another’s family, and everybody seems to have really hit it off, and Nicole and Corey are obviously very comfortable with one another and seem pretty smitten.

Franzel joked about trying to find interesting things for them to do in Ubly while he’s there, and they laughed about how unprepared he’ll be for the winter weather.

TLC presented another ambitious 2015-16 slate during its Upfront presentation to advertisers on Tuesday.

Of the cable’s planned 500 hours of original programming, which includes 50 new and returning shows over the next year, are new offering in its three content areas: Family, style and life’s milestones.

“Our viewers, who we call affectionately our ‘heart seekers,’ come to us for a sense of community – to share their own lives and the real lives of the people on TLC, said TLC general manager Nancy Daniels.

She continued, “Our characters’ lives continue outside of the traditional television season, and we want our viewers to stay connected and engaged all year long.

Of course, what many fans know, Nicole Franzel and Corey Brooks are facing a long-distance relationship if they do start up a real-life romance.

She lives in Ubly, Michigan, while he lives in Dallas, Texas.

She did also mention how she’s done a bit of house hunting, and he mentioned that she had sent him a listing of one that caught her eye.

However, they were vague on where the house was located and eventually she said that no, she wasn’t really looking to buy a house at the moment.

Also, Franzel and Brooks mentioned upcoming trips together to Los Angeles and Atlanta, so it sounds as if they will be seeing quite a bit of one another over the next few months.