Much to the dismay of his fans, Cheng did not star in any drama series in 2009.In addition to his entertainment career, Cheng is completing his part-time university studies in tourism management at Hsing Wu College.Famous Taiwan actress Ariel Lin(Lin Yichen) will be engaged on October 29, her 32nd birthday, with her boyfriend Charles Lin(Lin Yuchao), as has been confirmed by many friends and her agency.

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2009 was a quiet year for the television star, who spent the year busy with his theatre debut, Design for Living, starring opposite stage veterans Sylvia Chang and David Wang, under the directorship of Hong Kong stage director Edward Lam.

The troupe made several sell-out shows in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Singapore.

Just like what I said to you in London, please enjoy this and be a happy bride!

” Several minutes later, Taiwan singer-actress Rainie Yang(Yang Chenglin) reposted Cheng’s blog, saying ”I was nearly sick for having kept the secret for so long. ” Hong Kong singer-actor Daniel Chan (Chen Xiaodong) posted Lin’s wedding invitation card early this morning and wishes Lin a happy marriage.

Cheng is known by his friends in the industry as one who loves to sing.

Album sales were fair and the EP topped certain charts in Taiwan but Cheng failed to convince music critics of the industry.The most notable include one at the Asia Model Festival Awards 2009, in which he won the Asia Special Award.Cheng, together with Sylvia Chang and Mike He, was appointed as an ambassador for World Vision in December 2009.Cheng has gained much recognition as an actor in most parts of Asia, particularly Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines and Japan.Cheng released his debut EP, Sing a Song, in October 2009.Cheng also endorses several food, jewellery and clothing brands; the most recent being Chinese green tea brand Kang Shifu (for which Cheng starred and recorded a song with Mike He and Taiwanese actress Joe Chen) as well as casual wear brand N a (with Taiwanese singer-actress Cyndi Wang). Excluding drama serial memorabilia, Cheng has released three pictorial books in addition to four calendars and one mini pictorial in conjunction with the release of his EP in 2009.