The zodiac sign Aries is a wonderful, passionate lover, and only with him that a Libra woman can feel like a real woman. As the compatibility horoscope advises, Libra woman should always maintain his emotional energy in himself, and Aries man - help create peace of mind for his darling, and be able to compromise. I been dating this Aries man for the last 8 years.. Their union is similar to an exciting and dangerous sporting contest in which participants compete for leadership. He treat me like shit..that's when he and his gemini start living together.. This could not be farther from the truth because I was totally in love with my Aries. We were so deeply in love and be completely sabotages our beautiful peaceful loving home. He got married a year ago but still seeks me out to talk and tries to be friendly.

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Now that I do, I know how to guide him to be calmer, but he also allows me to show frustration when it gets too much.

Although I took offense in the beginning of the relationship because I did not understand him.

Aries man will try to be the way he was liked by his beloved woman in their first date, but this will be a short time - the zodiac sign Aries cannot, for a long time, put himself in any frame. I tired of fighting and i saw him with his Gemini... I mean the most beautiful passionate Scorpio I think I'm falling in love.

The partners talk with each other much and often argue. It hurt like hell cuz i try to run from fighting him. because i take care of his grandma.when he need me..i always there... All I can do is think about her but the Libra is so jealous of my commitment to the Scorpio that I don't know what she'll do but it seems like she wants me back really bad and right now I'm already in Pursuit.

They like to feel that they have “won” in most things in life and are rarely happy with things until they feel that everything is just as they had planned.

Wanting the best in life is no bad thing and Aries men should not be thought of badly for this trait of their personality.

However – when it comes to a love match with a Libra woman this can cause major issues.

Aries men tend to exert way too much control over Libra women.

They will absorb a wave of stormy passion, and they will already no longer be able to resist it. The amount of treachery does not let me compromise anything to her because of her enormous lies.