The winds were calm, the water was like glass, the sun was shining – everything was falling into place.

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Whale sharks only migrate to certain locations around the world, searching for specific food sources like plankton, microscopic plants and fish eggs.

Even if you’re lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time, there is still no guarantee of a whale shark sighting.

The warm water was so dark and blue, with nothing in sight except scuba divers 50 feet below.

In every direction, all we could see was the water slowly changing from indigo blue to black, then nothing.

With an estimated one in a thousand making it to maturity, these little dudes and dudettes of the sea could have turned out to be jerks with a superiority complex after surviving against all odds.

Instead, they are the coolest, most unaffected, chilled-out lovelies of the sea.

We spoke to several Belizean locals, scuba dive shops, and tour operators, curious about the best time to spot a whale shark.

Depending on who you ask, each person has a different opinion with conflicting results.

Though the elusive shark can be seen in many of the world’s tropical seas, there are a few places where your chances of success are much greater.

Along with Mexico and Honduras, Belize is one of the most popular locations in the Americas to spot whale sharks.

They rise from the depths of the deep blue to feed, their huge mouths wide open, scooping up the bubbles.