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Posts that will also be removed include "who's the best" posts, posts that mention names in a way that would embarrass someone or other people's private business.

Please do not post anything about someone that you would not like to see posted about yourself.

This message board is for Australian Irish dancers and anyone interested in Irish dance from around the world.

Please note that rude or inappropriate posts will be removed.We’ve designed the perfect platform to start your search now!Find a date, new friends and improve your social interactions with our sophisticated dating tools – 100% FREE now and always! Please feel free to ask questions, give advice and generally chat about anything to do with Irish dance. * Australian Irish Dancing Association New South Wales * Queensland * South Australia * Victoria * AIDA Australia * **To visit the 2nd Hand Irish Dance Shoes/ Australia Message Board**click here** * Swoose Irish Dance Photography & Live Feis Commentary instagram accounts doing questions on dancers at the moment seem to be a big thing, but this is not on mentioning other dancers and your opinion of them.aussieirishdancingblog is just one of them but there seem to be 3 and seem to be run by one person .Maybe you are taking the comment out of context., Tue, Nov 07 2017, " questions are asked by other people, up to the discretion of the account how to answer them, haven't seen anything negative on these things, maybe you are taking things out of context (NT) -- d, Tue, Nov 07 2017, " the one of concern has been taken from the post, all the rest have been ok and no problems with them but please think if you would not like something said about you dont say it about anyone else please (NT) -- keep it friendly and fun, Tue, Nov 07 2017, " Up to the discretion of the account, most accounts are more than happy to post photos of people than aren't champions, there just mightn't be that many around.