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“Now, if you want me to put this cage back on you and hold the key, you will never try to take it from me again, or I will have to invite Anika back over for you to take another test.” “What’s the test…,” Bryan tried to ask, but was sharply cut off. “Do what I say now,” Amanda said threateningly, “or Anika goes home and she’ll take this useless cage with her.” With no choice to make, Bryan gave his silent consent to his deliciously dominating wife by stripping his clothes off, until the air kissed every inch of his exposed skin.

His full, blued testicles hung loosely between his legs.

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Within three weeks, Bryan’s balls were more swollen and blue than they’d ever been in his entire life.

The fantasy was proving to be too much for Bryan, however, and last night he decided to end their experiment.

I hope all who read it enjoy the tale, assuming ballbusting is your cup of tea. Two months ago, after their children went off to college, his wife and he decided to live out one of his life-long fantasies: chastity.

Amanda, his wife, had become a proficient blue baller despite her meek beginnings.

I wear them for months and months with the nails exposed so I guess I leave millions of heel marks and holes in floors.