Besides picking up each other’s annoying little habits, we are learning to grow and develop as a couple together in life and design style," Belinda says.

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"We optimized space by getting a drop leaf table that can extend to a full four-sitter if needed," Belinda says.

"Honestly, I think that’s a huge player in helping us make the most of our space.

Never mind it being a long way to the top if you want to rock'n'roll, it's a long enough journey just making it to first base.

Even then it's all hailstones and knock-backs, and "love your stuff but don't call us, we'll call you".

Since I work from home it was of even more importance to us that we made the rooms work for our needs, not the other way around,” Belinda says.

“I’m literally at home 24/7, so I need for the space to inspire me, instead of it feeling like the walls are caving in on me.” Belinda and Joe have chosen to use small-in-scale and minimal-in-quantity pieces to furnish their little home.Without this gadget we wouldn’t be able to fit in a coffee table as well in this room." Belinda works from home on her illustration business.Her study is decorated with natural wood tones and industrial elements.They have selected and built pieces of furniture that work perfectly with the scale of the space. Glass bottles are a common decorative element in Belinda and Joe's home - keeping things cohesive and light in form."I think when you first get married, [there's] so much more to learn about your spouse.SOURCES Living Room Live edge table from Kerf Collection Pillows from Ikea Ladder Shelf from Rose and Grey Drop leaf table from Dunelm Frames from Nkuku Kitchen Bowl and Chopping boards from Kerf Collection Ceramic cup from Speck and Stone Bedroom Mirror from Ikea Pillows from Dunelm Table and shelf from Kerf Collection Rose and Grey Interior Paper organizers from Ikea Clothing rail from Ziito The majority of the main floor is an open living area that combines the living room, kitchen and dining room.