Actor Ben Barnes was banned from meeting the real-life writer he portrays in Killing Bono - because the director worried he'd pick up on his "irritating" habits.

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AKA THE CONTINUED ADVENTURES OF GEORGIE AND HER STRAP-ON, a billion years later when nobody cares anymore."Go on, what is it? " Ben yelps, and it's so excessively loud and defensive that he suddenly realises what was making him so anxious: the thought that she might figure him out.

" Georgie nudges him in the ribs with a sharp elbow and Ben sort of squeaks in a rather undignified way. Oooh, or—" an idea suddenly seems to occur to her, "—of Anna? The thought that she might realise what he only just realised himself. (Set in a future time when Georgie is seventeen) 'When Ben walks into Skandar's hotel room and finds him very much occupied with Georgie's mouth, hips and ass, his first instinct is to back out as quietly as possible.' (aka i wrote ben/skandar/georgie and i'm really, really sorry about it.) He thought if Georgie were completely in control, he wouldn't feel guilty about being with her.

British actor BEN BARNES has a back-up career in mind if the movie offers stop coming in - singing.

The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian star has been interested in music since he was a youngster,...

British actress TAMSIN EGERTON has laughed off reports she is dating BEN BARNES, insisting the pair is just good friends.

The St Trinian’s star sparked rumours she and Barnes were a couple after she visited him...

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE put BEN BARNES off his step when he visited the set of period comedy EASY VIRTUE - because the British actor was dancing with the pop star's girlfriend. TWILIGHT star TAYLOR LAUTNER is reportedly battling to play JACOB BLACK in the hit film's sequel NEW MOON - after rival actors MICHAEL COPON and BEN BARNES showed an interest in taking over the role....

With appearances in some of the 'Chronicles of Narnia' films, Ben Barnes has made his way into the news on a number of occasions.

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