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Read More »CME has launched a survey aimed at identifying the challenges women face in advancing their careers in manufacturing, the perception of manufacturing as a career option for women, and the barriers that impede women-led manufacturing firms.

Read More »Designers and non-designers are encouraged to submit their proposals for the Indigenous Housing Canada 2017 Ideas Competition, to raise awareness of Indigenous Housing in Canada and improve opportunities available to design, deliver, and maintain housing for remote access Indigenous Canadians.

Read More »A report titled "Access to Engineering Education in the Province of Manitoba", produced by Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba's Engineering Education Task Group, is now available on the Association website.

Read More »The Association invites members and non-members to submit abstracts for presentations at the 2017 Ingenium conference, under the theme of 'Change Management'.

It is a joint initiative of the mining industry sector council (Mi HR) and the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC).

Geoscientists Canada is involved on behalf of the profession through participation in the project’s Advisory Committee.

Read More »Born with Marfan syndrome, a genetic disorder affecting the body’s connective tissue that can cause the aorta to stretch and rupture, Tal Goldsworthy, a British engineer, invented Exo Vasc, a synthetic sleeve that reinforces the aortic artery, which has now been used in 81 patients in the UK and elsewhere.

Read More »Ingenium, the Association's conference, was held October 25-28, 2016 at the Fort Garry Hotel.

Read More »On October 26, 2016, Bill C-243: the development and implementation of a national maternity assistance program strategy and amendments to maternity benefits in Canada’s Employment Insurance Act, was voted in favour of being read a second time and was referred to the Standing Committee on Human Resources, Skills and Social Development and the Status of Persons with Disabilities, for further consideration.

Read More »Canada’s universities welcome changes to the Express Entry system which will make it easier for international students, researchers, and academics to become permanent residents to Canada, and enhance our reputation as a welcoming and diverse nation.

Read More »The Faculty of Engineering’s Access Program (ENGAP) is thrilled to announce that Kyle Monkman, a 23 year old Metis engineering student has won the Manitoba Aboriginal Youth Achievement Award (MAYAA) for the Senior Academic category, and Emma Gillespie, a 17 year old Metis engineering student from Selkirk has won the MAYAA for the Junior Academic category.