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If you want to learn a foreign language, should you begin before a certain age in order to fully master it?

Popular opinion holds that young children find it easier than adults because childhood is a “critical period” for language learning.

After this window has closed, it is assumed that grammatical rules have to be taught explicitly and become difficult to internalise.

Traditional statistical methods are good at capturing a slow decrease in proficiency among older language learners.

They also often fail to grasp that “I have lived in Colchester for two years” means that I still live there, while “I lived in Colchester for two years” means that I do not.

Why are simple and highly frequent rules apparently impossible to master, while words that have been encountered only a few times sink in easily?

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This is effective at accurately assessing the result of language learning across the entire age range, while taking into account other factors, such as the amount of time the learner spends using the language.

We analysed the brain activity, measured by means of the EEG signal, of 29 native speakers and 66 second-language learners of German when they heard correct German sentences and sentences which contained a grammatical error of agreement.

More evidence, as well as informed use of novel statistical methods, is therefore needed to answer the question once and for all about whether there is a critical period for language learning.