If you’re hurting and pining for his return – that is shear bliss for him.

Any time he can confirm to you and himself that he’s smarter and more superior, he will feel a sense of delight that looks and feels a lot like gloating.

Pointing out to them and others their flaws and what they’ve done, may cause them to fly into a rage.

Their need to protect their ego at all costs is what drives them.

Understanding how the enemy thinks and feels is one thing, but when you apply that to various approaches, you will see why any action you take is futile: Reason: How do you reason with someone that twists the facts and has an aversion to the truth? They minimize, rationalize and distort their involvement.

When they have behaved badly, you can bet they’ve found a reason or a hundred that it’s entirely your fault.

Obsession: When a Narcissist has found a new target he is a man obsessed. Contempt: Narcissists hate people and all of humanity for that matter.

They hate the objects of their obsession and they hate themselves for being dependent on the supply they provide.Because their thoughts are completely self-centered, It doesn’t compute with them that you have feelings.How they’ve made you feel is completely irrelevant to them.When he sees something, he wants it and he goes after it, but if there are obstacles in the way they can be a source of great irritation.When people don’t dance to his tune and acknowledge his superiority he will become exceedingly annoyed.Anger is commonly used as a manipulation tactic, or as a control mechanism to keep his minions in line and on their toes.