Not by the groundbreaking riding and filmmaking I had just witnessed but rather by the feeling that not enough people would get the chance to see this side of snowboarding in that supreme light.

After its initial screenings in the US on Dec 7, 2012, "The Art of FLIGHT 3D” will now be hitting theatres in Germany, due to an exclusive partnership with national theatre chain Cineplex.

The partnership encompasses 51 Cineplex theatres, which will be screening the 3D snowboard adventure on several selected dates, starting Jan 10, 2013! Just when we thought it couldn’t get more epic, the guys from Venture 3D (who also converted "Titanic") helped us raise the bar and come up with a 3D version that will get you right into the amazing journey of Travis & friends.

The soundtrack crosses musical genres featuring a variety of music from still unknown acts to this year's breakout performers, from pulse-pounding beats to melodic instrumentals.

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More» Extreme snowboarder Travis Rice isn't interested in making mere "ski porn" films — the downhill documentaries known for showing trick after breathtaking trick over a soundtrack of thrashing guitars.

More» After a long wait, The Art of FLIGHT is finally releasing!Fortunately for snowboarding, things didn’t go as planned. Today’s our day off, and the first half of our European premiere tour is nearly done. After the amazing premiere in Munich, thousands of fans took theatres all over Europe by storm, and we’re really blown away by your reactions! At the TBS late-night show, Travis talks about escaping a lethal avalanche, high-fiving on trees, the art of falling leaf, the rivalry between skiers and snowboarders and how Conan would probably perform the double cork.More» Red Bull Media House and Brain Farm Digital Cinema’s stellar snowboarder film The Art of FLIGHT starring Travis Rice continues its world tour, raising the bar for action sports film production quality.The premiere, held at the iconic Beacon Theatre, welcomed the film’s entire cast and crew including pro snowboarder Travis Rice, celebrities such as Justin Timberlake, Mike Diamond from the Beastie Boys and Owen Wilson, the top surfers in the world, plus thousands of enthusiastic fans to fill every seat in the house.More» The stars and then some came out last night for the World Premier of Travis Rice's opus of epic proportions: The Art of Flight.More» The Art of FLIGHT tour made its way through Colorado this week.