And they're suddenly feeling very good about the midterm elections next year. This is where the coast’s history and natural beauty meet.

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Relax in front of a romantic fireplace or watch the sunset from your private deck.

Golf, tennis, hiking – we have it all right here so there’s no need to get back in your car.

Geomagnetic polarity during the last 5 million years (Pliocene and Quaternary, late Cenozoic Era).

Dark areas denote periods where the polarity matches today's normal polarity; light areas denote periods where that polarity is reversed.

Atlantic Beach resides on Bogue Banks, a 22-mile stretch of islands that act as a barrier to mainland North Carolina.

These islands face the Atlantic Ocean to the south, which creates both spectacular sunrises and sunsets to view over the horizon.

Shackleford Island, just off Atlantic Beach’s coast, is a popular destination for visitors who enjoy exploring.

Accessibly only by ferry or personal boat, the island has been uninhabited since its introduction as a state wildlife refuge.

Are you ready for a wild afternoon of fighting with the ocean’s top predator?

Some of the best fighting fish in the ocean, sharks can be quite a challenge to bring to the boat, and it’s definitely a thrill to know there’s a big predator on the other end of that line.

The Lookout Adventures vessel is perfect for a relaxing and intimate cruise in the winter months because the pilothouse helps protect you from any wind or cold.