basically everyone is gay and mentally ill and it's a mixture of sadness and the most adorable moments between all these couples Tyler looked at them, but turned his head to make it less obvious.

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Only when Tyler thinks all hope is lost, is when he finds some unlikely friends, and goes on some ungodly missions.

When Brendon, some kid from Utah who can't keep his mouth shut, stumbles into his life, nothing will change, right? -(This was massively inspired by The Heart Rate of A Mouse.) The world feels like it has been turned on high, High volume. I am on autopilot, I wake up, I take pills, I either love, Brendon and hate myself or pretend I don’t love Brendon and hate myself anyway.

Rafael's mental institution, 18 year old Tyler Joseph and his Friends set out to a remote summer camp in the poconos. Ok so this is my life, every day since day one of my freshman year, translated into a fic.

It was supposed to be a fun retreat to encourage healing, but Tyler soon learns this definitely isn't going to be very relaxing. Everything in this is real and I assume it's going to be pretty long so stay tuned.

Then I take some more pills and we go on, then when we get off stage it’s some more pills and I go to sleep. I take pills because feeling tired or apathetic is much better then feeling the amount of pain the comes with my daily life.

There is mentions of addiction, abuse, sexism, and homophobia if that triggers you then please proceed with caution After being taken out of his abusive home, Alex is sent to a group home for boys, where he soon learns the harshness of reality as backstories and tragic pasts are revealed.As he gets closer to everyone, he finds himself falling for one boy in particular, but Jack is completely against any type of relationship.Alex makes it his goal to get Jack to open his heart up to love again, but will he be able to help Jack overcome the horrors of his past while trying to run from his own?او در تخت‌خواب بذون اینکه بتواند از جایش تکان بخورد با موجودی ماورا طبیعی روبرو می شود.این موجود شروع به اذیت کردن جان میکند، تا اینکه بالاخره نقشه شرورانه اش برای جان آشکار می شود…We ended up buying some synths and messing around with them for months before working on the album. Are you still friends with Ryan Ross and Jon Walker? We are super psyched for them and they’re stoked for us. What do you do for fun when you’re not playing music? I sat down with Rob Mathes [who produced 2008’s Pretty.