Caroline Farey Three Marys Iconography (The Mystery of the Skewed Slab) - Original article by Hugh Farey A School Sindonology Project - Original article by Hugh Duncan Lotto V.

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Raymond Leonard New Books Jack Markwardt Interview - by Joseph Wayne Durham Jorge-Manuel Rodríquez Almenar - by Mark Guscin Dallas International Shroud Conference, October 2001 - by Mark Guscin Editorial - On not talking with strangers - an Editor's 'Farewell' - by Ian Wilson My Philosophy for Future Issues of this Newsletter - by Mark Guscin The Dallas International Conference on the Shroud of Turin October 25-28, 2001 - by Mark Guscin The Role of Human Skin Bacteria in the Formation of Photographic-like Images on Linen - by Stephen J. Bijan Riazi-Farzad Recent Publications by Nicholas P. Cinquemani - by Ian Wilson Letter To The Editor From Dr.

Welcome to the British Society for the Turin Shroud page of this website.

We are very proud to serve as the Society's host and help bring this fine organization and their important Shroud work to the Internet.

Also, Mark Guscin has informed me that he and Ian Wilson, former editor of the newsletter, have a limited number of back issues available. 55 and later, contact Mark directly at [email protected] details and shipping costs. 54 and earlier, contact Ian Wilson at [email protected] Bee's Man - and What 14th Century Shrouds Actually Looked Like... 4 - Byzantine Frescoes and the Turin Shroud - Lennox Manton - 1994 No.

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