Britney Spears at Maxim We couldn't have been happier the day Britney Spears got her life back together and got back to the fit body we love.Maxim has some exclusive galleries that show Britney as you know and love her.

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Britney has quickly become one of the most successful pop stars in the history of music; quite a long way considering that her musical roots were first planted in the cheesy Disney show, "MMC," during its last two seasons on the air.

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Regardless of her questionable title, Britney released three more albums in the next four years () with an emphasis on self-expressional and experimental lyrics that have skyrocketed her star stock off the charts.

Mere months after calling it quits in her marriage to K-Fed and then, subsequently, flashing the world her special place during a night out with Paris, Britney earned yet another notch in her Belt of Insanity by shaving her head.

"I wish I could say that, but no, it never happened -- not that I saw." and jokingly inquired as to whether Dewan-Tatum was really the one responsible for bringing sexy back when she was with Timberlake. "We're still very good friends." A decade later, Timberlake is coming up on his five-year wedding anniversary with Jessica Biel, while Dewan-Tatum has been married to Channing Tatum for almost eight years.

Last month, the Tatums couldn't help but gush over one another when ET asked about their sexiest times of day.

Britney didn't make a big ripple in Hollywood with the release of her girlfriend-road-trip movie, "Crossroads," but she continues to top the charts nearly every year with the hottest new beats; or so we've been told.