From what I've read, he was involved with the New York Aikikai at some point in time and received at least a shodan in aikido (not sure where).

He was the star of an independent film from like the 90's where he played a troubled man who used aikido to get help him through a difficult part of his life. Yeah, I've noticed some aikido moves as well, but some pretty snappy jiujitsu and SAMBO moves also.

Kotegaeshi turns up and often segues into brazilian jujutsu.

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I remember that one day my sensei show me a picture, in this picture was donovan and he tell me look his belt, what color is his belt, I said white and he tell me he is donovan master 5to Dan , the belt is only a formality and since these moment I learned that the belt neither the clothes represent ur level in the aikido.

I believe Jefferey Donovan claims being a shodan in aikikai..sure.

Men's Fitness has an article on Jeffrey Donovan, star of Burn Notice.

It confirms his aikido background, "citing the basic tenets of aikido as a major influence in his own thinking." I had noticed aikido techniques on several shows.

(See the whole 2010 list here, at TV Guide.) -- Christie D'Zurilla Photos: Jeffrey Donovan, left, as Michael Westen on "Burn Notice," and Jon Hamm, right, as Don Draper on "Mad Men." It's always the guy making the big bucks who shows up in jeans and no tie, isn't it?

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Alex, It's hard to say what exact episodes he uses aikido-based techniques...although I've seen it in many.

Just keep a watchful eye when hand to hand combat is in a scene and you may catch something.

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