Initially thought of as a girl with a weak fortitude, she had proven to be much tougher to break then anticipated.Commandant Dominique was struggling with breaking her, much to the delight of her rival.

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This was clearly the more difficult of the two levels because of the uncooperative nature of the subjects and the way that needed to be dealt with.

But because of this areas importance to the operation, Natasha felt she needed to have two people in charge.

Level One was considered the Initiation and Training stage.

This is where the girls were first brought in to Stonebriar and subsequently introduced to their new permanent surroundings.

She wanted to become more of a chairman-of-the-board type and oversee the long term success of the business while letting someone else become the CEO, who could focus on the more mundane details.

Stonebriar would always be her baby, she would never give it up, but it was time to scale back, she knew it and so did the other key executives around her.t convinced that either of them was qualified. In most companies the person that was passed over ended up leaving for another job at another company. Disgruntled employees were simply not allowed to leave, due to the highly secretive and specialized nature of their work.Many women prefer to use Replens moisturizer at night before bed. Replens does not contain any spermicides, therefore it isn’t a form of birth control. It can be purchased at most drugstores and also at Walmart and Target. The lubrication was a little thick and not quite as slippery as I would have liked. My husband and I had to go rinse off several times during sex because the white clumps were all over the place.The applicator is to be thrown away after you use it. Once the applicator is out of the package, give it a few firm shakes, holding it by the thicker end, to loosen up the gel inside the applicator. I always had to wear a pantyliner during the day and change it several times to keep my underwear from getting messed up.She presided over an enterprise that turned innocent and unsuspecting young girls into lesbian slaves for the rich and powerful.The manner in which this was done was both harsh and extremely brutal and one that frankly gave her a great deal of pleasure, in and above the obvious monetary rewards.The night air was cool and refreshing as Mistress Natasha stared out from an open window, looking out over the courtyard of her compound.