Model names are known from company catalogues and advertising.about The Arthur Pequegnat Clock Company that was in business a long time ago in Berlin / Kitchener, Ontario 1904-1941.

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I don’t know in which of these factories the clocks were made.

The kitchen clocks had just the letter-number codes on the labels.

Plastic was king in the 1950s and most models in the catalogues had several options for the bright colours, including Finally, we have lots of new pictures showing the many sections of our unique museum that has started its 18th year in Spring 2017 promoting two centuries of Canadian-made and Canadian label clocks.

Included are the entrance stairs walls and most areas of the Exhibit Room. Many were acquired indirectly from the Jim Connell collection via Miller brothers antiques in New Hamburg, Ontario.

: Henry Warren in the United States invented the self-starting synchronous motor in 1916 (patented 1918).

His Warren Clock Company in Ashland, Massachusetts, initially produced battery-driven clocks.

The advertisements and boxes also included the model name.

The pictures here show the wall models currently (April 2017) in the museum's Canadian General Electric collection.

And he created a special wall model and a special mantel model - details below. Posted in The Pequegnat Room at the museum is a brief biography of Paul’s interesting careers written by his widow Anne.

He started as a newspaper reporter in Kitchener, became an accredited film photographer with the CBC, and was the chief cameraman at CBC Ottawa television.

He then went freelance with his own company called Paul Pequegnat Productions.