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Electron affinity increases upward for the groups and from left to right across periods of a periodic table because the electrons added to energy levels become closer to the nucleus, thus a stronger attraction between the nucleus and its electrons.

Remember that greater the distance, the less of an attraction; thus, less energy is released when an electron is added to the outside orbital.

However, more energy is required to add an electron to a negative ion (i.e., second electron affinity) which overwhelms any the release of energy from the electron attachment process and hence, second electron affinities are positive.

Ionization energies are always concerned with the formation of positive ions.

The factors which affect this attraction are exactly the same as those relating to ionization energies - nuclear charge, distance and screening.

The increased nuclear charge as you go down the group is offset by extra screening electrons.It is easier to lose their valence electrons because metals' nuclei do not have a strong pull on their valence electrons.Thus, metals are known to have lower electron affinities.In other words, the neutral atom's likelihood of gaining an electron.Energy of an atom is defined when the atom loses or gains energy through chemical reactions that cause the loss or gain of electrons.It is the energy released (per mole of X) when this change happens. For example, the first electron affinity of chlorine is -349 k J mol.