Not just romantically either; platonically, too, and professionally, parentally, and every-otherly." With this in mind she has put together a handbook of some of the most common mistakes made during the pursuit of love.Some of the Don'ts:- Be desperate, seem desperate, or even stand next to a desperate person without a protective suit- Start sentences with, "I'm the type of person who..."- Shop online- Scan the room for better prospects while we're talking to you- Stockpile porn- Have sex before you mean it- Rule out the possibility that you might always be single- Look for love- Read relationship books I have followed Carolyn Hax's column for quite a few years.She does present good points and if you have never read any of Hax's c I have followed Carolyn Hax's column for quite a few years.

It's full of practical advice with Judge Judy-like bluntness mixed with humor and common sense.

A very quick read that's full of sound advice that puts it all in perspective.

There isn't much earth-shaking stuff here, but it did inspire me to quit playing video games for a few months and read more.

All of us should aspire as friends to Hax's level of clarity, profu This one is 15 years old, but we found it in a used bookstore.

I like her insights into relationships and practical solutions for dealing with what comes up.

So I chose to read this book to see what insights she might reveal.

I love Carolyn Hax's advice column, so when I found out she had written a book, I thought it would be pretty great.

I also assumed it would be reprinted questions and answers from her column, but instead it's 56 pieces of advice for single people.

it had some nice tips and everything was totally true. The answers we don't want to see are always the most obvious and logical ones.