The Dallas-born beauty sings on No Promises with EDM act Cheat Codes.She was the porn star who became an MP, the force of nature whose scandalous career broke every taboo and who helped shape modern Italy.Today, La Cicciolina describes it as a natural and also enjoyable progression.

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She posted several photos of herself on Snapchat and Instagram.

The low cut one-piece showed off her very smooth décolletage.

In one of the snaps she's sporting a pair of yellow reflector sunglasses as she pouts for the camera.

The songstress is all about promoting positive messages with regards to your body at the moment.

Though Demi exudes confidence now, it's been a learning process for the starlet. But, you know, that’s one of the things that makes me,' she explained in a 2014 interview.

In the past the former Disney star has struggled with eating disorders and self acceptance, but has now come to love the body she has.'I no longer look at my body and think, Oh my gosh, I have such a fat butt. Demi currently has a new single out and fresh music video on the way.

They met in 1987, and getting together seemed a brilliant career-move for both of them: she was 35, ready to crown her career as Italy's most celebrated porn star with a magnificently improbable liaison; while he, connoisseur of post-modern artworks of jaw-dropping vulgarity, who always teased, like Warhol and Gilbert and George, with the idea of knitting life and art in a seamless robe, now had a partner whose life, like his own work, was all on the outside.

The couple married in 1990, separated in 1992 and divorced six years later. A bitter and very expensive legal battle ensued, lasting 14 years and finishing yesterday, with a jail sentence for the woman who, as an Italian MP, once advocated sex for prisoners. La Cicciolina, which means approximately "cuddles", was born Ilona Staller in November 1952, "after a long stormy night" as she records on her website, in the poor section of Budapest where, exactly 50 years later, she would stand unsuccessfully for election as a Hungarian MP.

"At the age of 18 I was agent Katicabogar [the Hungarian for ladybird], spy and comfort girl to Arab businessmen and American politicians." It's not surprising she was picked for the work: photographs of her as a teenager show a striking beauty with a long straight nose and severe blue eyes, blonde hair swept back behind her ears.

The avaricious, lustful grin that became her trademark was still a few years in the future.

Now La Cicciolina's 14-year custody battle with one of the world's most successful artists could land her in jail The news was buried deep inside the Roman news section of La Repubblica.