The youngest of six children, Flowers was born in Las Vegas in 1981, but his devoutly Mormon family relocated to Utah when he was eight years old.

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Unfortunately, they failed to impress any of the American record labels who bothered to check them out.

While the guys rehearsed and gigged whenever and wherever they could, they worked in lowly-paid jobs.

With no alternative offers on the table, the band signed to Lizard King in the summer of 2003.

Presumably that Warner Bros guy is still kicking himself now – not quite as hard as the man at Decca who infamously dismissed The Beatles on the basis that guitar groups were a passing fad, Dick Rowe, did. The Killers’ 2004 debut Hot Fuss spawned three huge hit singles in ‘Mr.

“I had a really bad flight from Colombia to Guadalajara in Mexico, and it kind of brought it all back up.

But now I’m recovering again.” Flying isn’t his only fear.

His gorgeous wife of almost seven years, Tana Mundkowsky, and their young brood – Ammon (6), Gunnar (4) and two-year-old Henry – are all back home in Henderson, Nevada, a quiet and wealthy suburb situated just 10 miles from the madness of the Las Vegas strip.

With the band touring Europe until the middle of July, including a stop-off in Dublin’s Phoenix Park on Saturday the 13th, it’ll be at least another month before the three Flowers boys are reunited with their dad.

After a brief stint in a band called Blush Response – they fired him when he refused to relocate to California with them – he answered a newspaper ‘Musician’s Wanted’ notice placed by the future Killers guitarist.