If so, sympathize with William the Conqueror a man who lived almost 1,000 years ago.Apparently, old William apparently got so fat he had trouble staying on his horse! The French king decided enough was enough, so he confined himself to his room and consumed nothing but alcohol.

Though the days that followed were undoubtedly interesting, the diet didn't work.

He eventually died in 1087 when he fell off his horse at the Siege of Mantes. It won't ever work, but it'd probably be plenty popular. When he was having trouble squeezing into his white jump suits, Elvis took on the "Sleeping Beauty Diet." The plan?

For all his teaching on grace, and the foundational theology of salvation by faith alone, Paul was also committed to this idea.

In perhaps Paul's most famous passage on salvation by grace alone (and not by "works"), he immediately describes a faith that will, indeed, be hard at work.

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