Salvatore is eventually released from jail, after being escorted to the courthouse by Toni, due to the Sicilian Mafia wanting Salvatore dead.

After being released, Toni and Salvatore go to see the mayor, Miles O'Donovan, to get his charges dropped.

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Toni now finds himself as a low-ranking goon that has to once again gain favor with the Don, in order to secure a leadership position in the family.

Toni however works for Salvatore's wife Maria Latore who later on, develops feelings for Toni and has him to do her bidding, and tells him she loves him, but Toni does not feel the same way.

This week’s Saturday Night Live opened with Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump visiting his former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, who has just been indicted and is under house arrest.

(“SNL’s” Trump avoided his trip to Asia by sending “a very convincing look-alike” – a doll dressed in a suit.) It’s been nearly a year since Donald Trump was elected president, yet the Alec Baldwin portrayals on “Saturday Night Live” won’t let up.

Toni left Liberty City and decided to lay low in a foreign country after killing a rival made man (presumably Forelli or Sindacco family) under orders from Salvatore Leone.

He finally returned to the city in 1998, ready to continue his life of organized crime.

“I can’t pardon you now,” Baldwin’s Trump says, as it would “look too suspicious.” He adds: “We’ll wait a few weeks, dress you up as a turkey, and pardon you then.” But perhaps the line that got the biggest audience response had to do with Harvey Weinstein, who has been accused of sexual harassment or assault by dozens of women.

(Weinstein, through a lawyer, has “denied allegations of nonconsensual sex.”) “What an idiot that Harvey Weinstein is,” Baldwin’s Trump says in the sketch.

Toni and Donald steal Avery's plans and bomb expert 8-Ball is paid to give them explosives in order to blow up Fort Staunton, causing the Forelli Family to lose a lot of influence.