The door bell rang and I let in this attractive looking guy into my house. I came three times by my own hand before I fell asleep. I walked to the hotel and went straight to the desk. Allen called and instructed me to give you the key to his room.” Now I was beginning to feel a little like one of Heidi Fleiss’s two-grand-a-day call girls who catered to the rich and powerful in Hollywood. I just didn’t think they’d take me seriously if they saw me just as a piece of meat with a tight little pink pussy. I look back on those days and I realize how many opportunities I missed to suck all that corporate cock.

At first small talk and then we start talking about jobs and he claimed he worked in the porn industry. She even blows her boss at least once a week and sleeps with married guys at lunch. —————————– I’d been running from meeting to meeting all week long, driving from one end of L. It’s warm, wet and creamy, and if you know me, you know that I can’t get enough. I’d talked to him on the phone a few times before but I’d never had the pleasure of meeting him in person. Or if you like you can go up to my room and hang out there. I now get promotions and raises on a regular basis.

He asked us if this was our first time and he told us to relax. So I said “Hun why don’t you sit next to him he’s not here for small talk.” So she did and his hand was now moving up her leg. “I feel sorry for the poor fucker that married her though.” That raised my attention. She says she like the married guys now because they can keep a secret. This particular afternoon I had worked through lunch to help hammer out a deal with a firm in Century City. As we sat across the conference room table from each other I couldn’t help but wonder what he looked like without that uptight starched shirt and tie. “I want to change out of this suit first if you don’t mind. I’ts a small boutique hotel just a few blocks away. I’ll call them and have them give you a key.” If I could read the signs he was inviting me for more than a glass of bubbly. “I can go and freshen up in your room and by then you should be finished here.” I knew the whole thing was a set up and another girl might’ve been somewhat miffed, but I’m not another girl. I’d been fucked there a few times already but I pretended to be naive. He’d like to think he was taking advantage of a sweet married businesswoman. He says I have “the right attitude.” My boss tells the execs who blow into town that I’m their go-to-gal. I could’ve sucked him off for hours, but he wanted to get some of his own.

Anyway time went on and then one night we met this guy and there was obviously sexual chemistry between the two of them and though my heart was sinking I did pull my wife to one side and say if there is a chance just take it.

He became a good friend and one night when I was out they shared a moment but she wasn’t feeling well. I brought up swinging again and this time she agreed to join a site.

After seducing this latest cock and getting him to fill her up with his cum, he starts to drip hot seed, she comes up with a unique idea to save every drop.

Carly catches it on a plate and then gets the guy to drain the plate using a syringe. Check out the filthy Carly Cumshot here Here’s a interesting story of how this UK couple from Manchester got into the lifestyle.

I could only think the best thing to do was to be party to this if I wanted to keep my wife.

I suggested we look into swinging and wife swapping but she refused.

I told her about the guys and when we were making love hinting at how she could be feeling another mans cock right now.

She always would cum when I whispered these things in her ear.

Finally one night I asked her about her fantasies and she told me she’d never had a mmf. He was wearing a very sexy black wife-beater underneath that starched shirt. I stood up and did what I’d been dying to do all afternoon, I squeezed his arms and they were good, reeeeeally good. I reached down and felt what I knew was an amazing hard-on in his pants.