because there is 1 things that we can't live without anymore that (if erased) could stop any terrorism we know. i only started about religion because i saw one of those Jonny quotes again. cause with reasoning you can get very far you know. v=_bj Oyt9PBz A You keep believing, I'll keep evolving. from the first second on i was waiting for something to happen with that window. usual showroom glass does not shatter that easy (for the convenience of shop owners and peoples health). and your big country made a mistake with killing his own people and fooling the whole world so i poke my finger at your country ..

on second view it really seems more like an "learn to be more carefull"-commercials i could have stolen so many cheap or expensive cars here in holland. no cans needed i never understand people that step outside the car and leave there engine running .. sometimes i just would like to take the keys out and throw 'em into the bushes. god would have known that the earth (like any other planet) is a sphere. you know hand holding is a sign of peace, but i guess as being a close minded person there is no way you could understand that.. You are hunting nobody because YOU are and will allways be on your side of the pond! You would run in every Mc Donalds you see just to feel home for a second. you dont love your country because you are running around with guns and hoaxs in your head. "Passengers on the planes made calls to loved ones to say the planes had been taken over.." afaik there wasn't any way to use a mobile phone in an airplane till 2003.. and the conversations i heard where really wicked/staged .. Also a state/government filled with 68% christians doesnt sound so free to me or anyone else of the rest of the world exept if you are christian. at least its more productive/creative then anything USAnumber0 did till now "As an atheist do you really think there is no God or Creator that gave us this fantastic world?

so in bible words it should say 'all arround the earth' ... tents are usually standing on a 2D plane too ..i have never seen a tent that surrounds something thats floating. that bible isnt written by god, its just written by people and people make errors. and i dont think they even cared about if is it would be a guy holding another guys hand .. "Rubbish, what I believe will never be dependant on what anybody else might or might not believe." .. c'mon i agree partly with you on "good" & "evil" and i would say its just spiritual ( religious ) and not real ( scientific ) . AFAIK is that 911lies site hoted in america made and taken care of by americans that REALLY love there country. but dont even think you know anything about our land over here to judge us.. just that nobody thinks that there are just entertainers being smart enough to think on their own. we will see what will happen if religions keep being ignorant. also its a private survey and (the rest of the world) knows what they can think of private surveys coming from the US. So there are no Antifaschists without Faschists and no Atheists without Theists. no god no creator no holy spirit no jesus no angels no ghosts no heaven no hell no satan no fate no santa claus no easter bunny no elfs no flying spagetti monster no david copperfield running through walls no freddy krüger no nemo no matrix no mickey mouse no goofy no superman no spiderman no batman no mobi dick no harry potter no witches no merlin no monster of loch ness no gremlins no a-team no rocky no it no terminator no indiana jones no resurrection no good no evil no wonders etc.

Theist: a human who believes in the existance of god. mostly you hear the exhaust but you cant see the bike or car... and allmost 90% of them dont own a mac or didnt even get a feel for it. we even got oil/patrol from america those days to make those bombing on london..

with that attitude you will get shot someday this is cool and i think its going to happen, because the other option would be to go down and build tunnels.. to make it short: trial & error = life a little simular is the mac vs. so many people use microsoft because they grew up with it (like me) and they say mean stuff about macs.. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours." - Stephen Roberts the problem with the virgin superstition is that they is no reason why it should work. ur opinion of that superstiton ruin ur opinion of being a atheist??? those who deny the holocaust are just stupid, cause there is way too much evidence and pictures and movies and dead people and buildings and IBM-Punchcard maschines that counted them ..

pff Barbara Olson: born in Texas, worked for FOX .. every electric item is going to get a chip to store a number which you can use to get it's data. the ipodtouch and the iphone have an awsome way of reacting to your inputs.

decend copy, bad security :)" width="18" height="18" i never heard of a multi-touch-pad anywhere that you could just buy... i like my little cheap multi-touch-pad and it fits perfectly beside my selfmade multi-touch-screen, my mac-pro and my iphone hmm.. after a while you find yourself on a couch getting the same results with moving your wrist cowboy games would be fun though #(removed comment) actually that is what is going to happen next. mostly its very poorly implemented and its more something to do to put a sticker with "Multi Touch" on the box. your system could only tell you that its in the shed, somewhere as far as i know there aren't any other multitouch-cellphones out there but the iphone. but even if we would assume that they would put it in screwdrivers too .. no other device, i layed my hands on, had that sort of reaction time or smoothness .. #13 he was lucky he didn't brake his neck on the way down. #3 did you submit the video you mentioned ~7 days ago? there is no actual ranking so the achievements are more or less for your own overview atm. snotr is the only site that has achivements in this manner so we are pretty much walking on new land here. go to your profile site by clicking on your name in the comments.. click that and choose some picture on your computer .. The tracking devices that feds put under your car in 2008 barely fit in someones ass, so thinking about a 'reliable' rice corn size chip is unbelievable and maybe even scientificly impossible. there might be some aggressive reaction at that moment, you might call the cops, maybe even use force on him with all the "unintended consequenses" .... [...] [...] i am also sure that there are lots of other people on this planet, that have nothing to do with all of this, who are really tempering with servers all over the world 24/7, all year, so something bad can happen anytime anywhere. its just awsome how many dominos those people where setting up .. i mean, there is some pretty good solid science that cigarettes are bad but they are as legal as alcohol. cause now its original and nothing goes over original... i'm shure the owner of the house will get a proffessional next time ^^. i guess you scratched your cheap balls too often in front of your expencive stuff Perseptivepixel system: $ 100.000 Microsoft Surface: .000 this one: $ 30 there is no doubt that every geek girl will be impressed by this thing. and wearing an untightened seatbelt is utterly stupid too. but you have to know that there are lots of different age groups on the internet and usually they are not that old or wise... And there are actually people out there buying that hoax !?!?!? you tell me that you would care about the family, future or health of some guy that is raping a friend of yours in front of your eyes. • the audience at home can call in for the best bet. Have you ever seen a pot-smoker beg in front of a supermarket? does anybody know why cannabis is illegal in the first place? small branches first, then the bigger ones (where they use cranes and chanes attached to the pieces before they get cut of) .. a tree like that can take 1-6 hours depending on the difficulty of the situation. they also seem to be easy to copy, so they are not as reliable as a passport, not even close. #3 #6 #9 "17 intruders, whose faces were hidden, broke into Epiros TV1 studios during the night newscast and threw eggs and yogurt at Panagiotis Vourhas because the previous week he had invited an openly neo-Nazi party onto his talk show" who the fuck cares guys ? u see 2 or 3 videos and you thin you know soccer ?! you know shit about soccer if you advise the snotr video.. i can think of newspapers stripping their articles by thinking about "unintended consequenses" ,but there would propably be no useful information left to read.i can also think of a censor-layer being placed on the internet, censoring everybody and everything in real time as a man-in-the-middle and the "unintended consequenses" of it. the moderator presents the "Bet" (usual people doing slightly unexpected things) - moderator: "That man says that he cant turn arround a bus on that bridge" - busdriver: "i can do it" 4. i beat you in counter-strike or any other videogame when i would be scientificly stoned! the same thing that happends when you get very close to stuff with your eyes... For germans, going to another state is sort of another world.