Violation of law puts the offender in great troubles.He may be punished, imprisoned or even deported in some cases.Using an Illegal Satellite TV: Usage of illegal decoders for satellite televisions is an offense.

Illegal Employment: This offense covers the scope of both the employing of someone staying on illegal documents and personally working while using someone else’s documents. Up to now, more than 1 million expatriates have been deported because of this crime.

Illegal employment includes working on Azad Visa, working for someone other than Kafeel, working on dependent’s visa, and working on Umrah or Visit Visa.

Showing affection publicly: Public demonstration of love and affection is an offense in Saudi Arabia; it includes a hug and kiss to a person of opposite sex.

One can hold the hand of his wife in a public place but no kisses allowed because it is against modesty and creates an uncomfortable situation for others.

The offender can be imposed fine and can also be punished otherwise.

Traffic is very much fast in Saudi Arabia; jaywalking can also cause accidents.

So, it is important for everyone to get knowledge about laws and not to violate them to avoid any kind of physical or pecuniary punishment.

Those who are working here to get a good living for their families in their homelands must not waste money in payment of heavy fines.

So, one shall understand that use of illegal satellite decoders is not a blessing rather it is a crime and can cost to ones stay in Saudi Arabia.

This kind of illegal satellite TVs are also called Jadu Tv or Jadoo Tv.

Saudi law makes it clear that purchase and use of illegal cheap calling cards is a crime.