n The place formerly moda good night if you are new to clubbing and want everything! Anything more hardcore goth hard rock head to 2pigs!

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You'll probs find the odd under-age drinker but everywhere has pretty much cracked down on id now!

Anyone lookin or actin like a chav doesnt even see the entrance usually! ' dingy old pit in the back of town, not much fun unless your a chav or wanna be robbed or beaten! have been a few times but not really my thing since its a bit of a trekk through town! Que Pasa and Yates are the best bars in town, can work out expensive but alwayz a good atmoshpere!

sub tone is still excellent although not great for the under 25's as most poeple in there are older than that - but it does boast the piano man!

Embasy is now CHEMISTRY and still as other comments suggest not really worth the walk out of town.

Beware, they are picky and they WILL tell you if you don't look good enough to enter. Only been in one of the bars (on the right when you go in) and it was nice :) Have the "orgasm" shooter... The Hub (opposite the town hall) have recently launched an alternative music night on Mondays (to replace the rather poor one that was on tuesdays one assumes) and its actually pretty decent, mostly rock and metal with some punk, goth etc.

They ID quite a bit, so this club is good if you don't want to run into too many underage kids. If you don't want to spend a lot of money on the pool tables, play on the 1.50 table which is near the toilets : P Don't go to Niche. Only a quid to get in and open til 2am, the venues pretty good too Moda formally Time has become enormously popular after its refurb. If your not a chav try the wicked VIP bar upstairs always hosted by some sexy bird, strict on dress code though so watch what you wear if you wanna get in. Sundays still hold the monoploy over all venues in Cheltenham.

It's full of old men who are looking for a good time! Fridays and Saturdays are getting busy due to the opening of a new VIP lounge "The Boardroom".

Try Thursday nights at Prom for free entry for the ladies and 1.50 voka mixer!

Just wanted to give little Niche nightclub in Cheltenham a mention. you may find sum young ones in there bt we were all young once so lets not get jealous.

Godd night if your into your hip hop and r n b, honest, ull have a good laugh!

I would comment on Fez but im still workin on tryin to reduce my life-time ban! Bouncers are crackin and never is much trouble, if there is it wont last for long!