This is useful if you want to keep your choices in some central location so that, for example, you can easily access those choices for validation or for building a select form element.If this option is true, the input value is expected to be an array instead of a single, scalar value.This option can be used to attach arbitrary domain-specific data to a constraint.

On the basis of the analysis results the tests have been re-designed.

The benefit of accelerated testing is to save time and money while quantifying the relationships between stress and performance along with identifying design and manufacturing deficiencies to get useful data quickly and at low cost to determine the products strength limits by applying stresses high enough to stimulate failures.

The constraint will check that each value of the input array can be found in the array of valid choices.

If even one of the input values cannot be found, the validation will fail.

The basic idea of this constraint is that you supply it with an array of valid values (this can be done in several ways) and it validates that the value of the given property exists in that array.

If your valid choice list is simple, you can pass them in directly via the choices option: You can also use a callback function to specify your options.

In the standardized and objective evaluation of student performances, the item analysis is a process in which both students’ answers and test questions are examined in order to assess the quality and quantity of the items and the test as a whole.

All students from some classrooms of primary and middle school were selected to evaluate their performances by testing.

Emotional intelligence (EI) has been an emerging topic for psychological, educational, and management researchers and consultants in recent years.

Unfortunately, there have been relatively few empirical studies on EI conducted with scientific rigor, especially in Asia.

Scenarios with alternative responses showing different levels of EI were generated in the first study, and 20 items were selected empirically.