Justin is an industry consultant focused on preparing companies for seed and series A investments.Recently he became CEO of the cannabis science and technology firm Made by Science, which strives to create safer and more efficient and accurate ways of delivering THC and CBD with higher efficacy and customizable onsets.Prior to entering the cannabis industry, Amy was an executive at a cultural art organization.

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He has worked with hemp clients for over four years and co-founded the American Association for Cannabis & Hemp, where he also chaired the organization's Pennsylvania legislative campaign.

Michael is currently working with government agencies and officials in Pennsylvania on the commercial expansion of hemp.

Previously, Justin was with Star Green Capital, a marijuana-focused investment firm, and served in executive roles for several other cannabis firms.

Michael co-founded Bronstein & Weaver, a political consulting and lobbying firm.

Prior to the cannabis industry, Ryan spent 17 years in the action sports industry, working closely with specialty retailers and manufacturers to provide a high-end customer experience.

Seth is an event moderator and has been hosting the Cannabis Economy podcast for nearly three years, chronicling personal conversations with cannabis business leaders from around the world.

Amy co-owns Denver-based L’Eagle, an all-natural and sustainable recreational dispensary and cultivation facility founded in 2010.

She has aimed to stand out from the pack by providing a clean product while also investing the time to educate consumers on the intricacies of the cannabis plant.

Julie has served on multiple state workgroups and helped develop policies on serving size, potency levels, packaging and labeling.

George has 30 years of retail, international strategy and real estate experience at major international companies.

His 20 years of production experience includes international events, music showcases at the historic CBGB, and bringing the former greatest show on earth – Ringling Bros. Vahan covers the cannabis industry for Beacon Securities, a full-service independent investment dealer in Canada offering institutional equity, institutional debt and advisory services across numerous sectors.